Preliminary IE6 support

Phew, that was good to write as a headline. Actually, IE6 support turned out to be much simpler than I anticipated. It mostly hinged on two things - my use of fixed positioning, and png graphics. Thankfully there are fairly simple fixes for these obstacles that allowed me to get IE6 working with stikis from just a couple of hours work.

For fixed positioning, I used conditional comments to insert a IE6 stylesheet and used absolute positioning instead (along with html, body {height: 100%} ). For png graphics, I used a combination of substituting gifs where I could (all the icons) and using some javascript to fix the shadows of the stikis.

There still seem to be some glitches - for instance, when resizing stikis, there’s a noticable lag as the contents have their size updated to match. Also, the expander buttons don’t seem to work properly. However, as the headline says - IE6 support is preliminary. This means that it should work, but please, please tell me if it doesn’t.

Cheers, Jared.