UED2010 Wk 2: Design Research

Again, some brief notes about the second week of the course.


  • Continued with the servo-motor activity.
  • Concentrated on refining the movement towards the two words.
  • Got to a stage where the sculptures could be left to run by themselves.
  • Set up a little exhibition at 14:00. Invited the first years and staff.
  • Placed the cards out on the table and asked people to guess what the pair for each sculpture was.


  • Lecture in class on the idea of research though design.
  • Discussion of four papers on this topic.
  • Discussion of initial ideas for a design project.
  • We decided to run a video card game as a survey of possible interesting design contexts


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Additional references

A couple of additional references were mentioned in the lecture and discussions. These are included below.

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