Dourish quote

"...tangible computing has been explored, largely, as a practical exercise. Most prototypes have been developed opportunistically, driven as much by the availability of sensor technology and the emergence of new control devices as by a reasoned understanding of the role of physicality in interaction. We have various clues and pointers, but there is no theory of tangible interaction." (Dourish, P. "Where the action is" [p.52](

Feyerabend quote

"Creation of a _thing_, and creation plus full understanding of a a _correct idea _of the thing, _are very often parts of one and the same indivisible process_ and cannot be separated without bringing the process to a stop." (Feyerabend, P. "Against Method" [p.17](

Lego Augmented Reality

Nice use of augmented reality on this Lego packaging. I haven’t seen this myself yet. Must keep an eye out the next time we’re down town.

Design Pattern Template

Design pattern template in rtf format.

A template for documenting design patterns for this week’s HCI task is now available on the HCI course page. To use the template, download the document and edit it to replace all the red text with your own. Change the images also.

The template is based on the format of those in the Yahoo! design pattern library. You can visit there to see some concrete examples of the kind of information that should be in a pattern description as well as for inspiration on the kinds of things that patterns can be about.

HCI Week 8: Situated Actions

Image Credit: manifestcreative

It has taken me a while, but I have finally finished putting up a summary of the lecture on Situated Actions from week 8.

A summary for this week’s lecture will be coming soon (I promise).