User Experience Design

Topic: Interaction From the Ground Up

Photo: benhussman, CC BY.

Course schedule

Tu 7.9 Kick-off project
Fr 10.9 Arduino introduction
Tu 14.9 Research through design
Fr 17.9 Finding a research question
Tu 21.9 Guest: Sietske Klooster
Fr 24.9 Guest: Sietske Klooster
Tu 28.9 Aesthetics of interaction
Fr 1.10
Tu 5.10 Electronics refresh: Leif Bitsch
Fr 8.10 Ethnography of walking: Wendy Gunn
Tu 12.10
Fr 15.10

Autumn Holidays

Tu 26.10
Fr 29.10 Mid-crit. (9-12)
Wk 44-49

Project work.

Jared available (Tu, Fr morn).

Leif available (Fr afternoon).

Tu 15.12 Exhibition
Fr 17.12 Final exam (time to be decided).

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Reference materials

Course profile in pdf format.

Time & location

  • Tuesday mornings (9-12) in the Co-Lab.
  • Fridays all day in the Co-Lab.


Oral Exam (7 point scale).