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Gestural rhythmicity

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Tony Orrico: Penwald: 2: 8 circles (2009)

“The second part of Gesture and Speech is entitled ‘Memory and Rhythms’, and it is above all in Leroi-Gourhan’s attention to the rhythmicity of technical activity, rather than its grounding in social memory, that this counter-argument appears. A great many operations, he observes, entail the regular repetition of certain manual gestures: these include hammering, sawing and scraping. And whether or not the artisan has an idea in mind of the final form of the artefact he is making, the actual form emerges from the pattern of rhythmic movement, not from the idea.” (Ingold, 2009, p.438)

Ingold, T. (1999). ‘Tools for the Hand, Language for the Face’: An Appreciation of Leroi-Gourhan’s Gesture and Speech. Studies in the History of Philosophy Biololgy and Biomedical Sciences, 30(4), 411-453. 

Dourish quote

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

“…tangible computing has been explored, largely, as a practical exercise. Most prototypes have been developed opportunistically, driven as much by the availability of sensor technology and the emergence of new control devices as by a reasoned understanding of the role of physicality in interaction. We have various clues and pointers, but there is no theory of tangible interaction.” (Dourish, P. “Where the action is” p.52)

Feyerabend quote

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

“Creation of a thing, and creation plus full understanding of a a correct idea of the thing, are very often parts of one and the same indivisible process and cannot be separated without bringing the process to a stop.” (Feyerabend, P. “Against Method” p.17).