Gathering, Showing, Reflecting

Workers on the waterfront of Alsund

Workers on the waterfront of Alsund

A still grey day today. Across the water, workmen are slowly moving. Seemingly, their work requires a boat, a front-end loader and a flat-deck truck. I have no idea what they are doing.

Its a busy week for the students of User Experience Design; Their final week. There’s an exhibition today (Tuesday), an exam on Thursday and on Friday we will hold a course reflection session. Everyone has remained focused over the last week, so they simply need to put in a final effort now to gather all the threads of their project into a coherent story.

The purpose of the reflection session on Friday is to look back at what we did in the course, highlight the things that worked well, and suggest changes that we could make to the course for next year. I hope for a positive and constructive dialog with the students.

Otherwise, work continues in other areas:

  • On Monday, Wendy and I met to hash out a rough structure for an edited volume of research papers that are emerging from the SPIRE centre.
  • On Wednesday, Trine, Carsten and I will meet with Lars Bo and other representatives from FOCON to discuss progress on a Delphi Survey we are running as part of the Tracker project.
  • Today, I’ll set up a wordpress blog for the SPIRE centre so we can start writing about who we are.
  • …and the thesis revisions.

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