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Sculptures that move

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Did you ever play the game ‘statues’? The object is to stay as still as you can and the winner is the one who can stay still for the longest. It’s difficult and unusual for people to remain still like this (unless you’re a street performer). On the other hand, statues and other kinds of sculpture usually do stay still. But not always.

Below are some links to artists and designers who have worked with movement in interesting ways. This might be interesting as inspiration for students in Experience Design when creating ‘interactive mobiles’ or tinkering interaction concepts.

If anyone has examples of other artists’ work, please post them in the comments.

(Image credit Arthur Ganson)

Arthur Ganson makes wonderfully evocative and poetic mechanical scuptures. Check the page of videos on his website. I particularly liked the ‘Machine with Wishbone’ (image above).

(Image credit Ben Hopson).

Ben Hopson has been carrying out a series of experiments into ‘sketching motion concepts’. He achieves amazingly precise, intricate and delicate sequences of movements from very simple materials. He also does a very good job of documenting his work. The image is above is from a video on his website for a piece called ‘3-boxes‘. He also has a list of links to other people and groups who have done interesting work in the same area.

(Image credit Theo Jansen).

Finally, Theo Jansen is a dutch artist who makes incredible walking sculptures that he calls strandbeests. Watching the videos, it’s easy to imagine that these are in fact gigantic creatures that have lumbered up from the sea. Click the image above to see more photos from his website.

(Thanks to Marcelle for the links.)