Posts from: June, 2008

Welcome Firefox 3 (and Safari 3)

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Welcome Safari 3 and Firefox 3

Last week saw the release of Firefox 3 onto the web. So on ‘download day’, I joined the thronging millions to grab my very own copy. Now which site do you think I was first to visit with my prize? Stikis of course!

I excitedly typed in the address, logged in and arrived back at my last stikis page. Then… (cue sound-effect of nuclear reactors powering down)…nothing. Aargh, a compatibility bug in the script that hooks up the color patches. It meant that nothing on the page worked.

I know I should have downloaded the beta and tested it with stikis before the release date, but…well there was that pesky thesis to get out of the way :) and you’d expect Firefox 3 to work with stikis if Firefox 2 does…right? Wrong.

However, the bugs were fairly minor and yesterday I was able to make an update to the site that fixes them. An upshot of this was that Stikis now also plays nicely with Safari 3.

If either of these is your browser of choice, Welcome to Stikis!

Update to zooming

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Today, I’d like to announce the first update to stikis since submitting my PhD thesis (woohoo!). That news probably deserves a blog-post of its own, so straight to the business at hand.

I have tweaked the zoom levels a little. Previously, pages would zoom to 8%, 16%, 32%, 64%, 100%, and 160%. There were a couple of problems with this.

  • There were more settings than needed. It only really needs three settings, one for focusing on a single stiki, one for arranging several stikis, and one for getting a big overview.
  • It felt slow to zoom out or in, because you needed to zoom through several presets.
  • Text was unreadable at 64% or less, so the majority of settings weren’t much use.
  • The numbers are a little difficult to remember (unless you’re into powers of two).

So the new zoom levels are (drum-roll please) 20%, 100%, and 200%. They don’t correspond directly to the old zoom scales because I moved the underlying zoom level up a bit. 100% is actually the same as 70% before.

That probably all sounds pretty confusing. Hopefully, most people won’t need to notice or worry about it.